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Director/Choreography/Script: Ingrid Nachstern

Cinematographer: Luca Truffarelli

Performers: Michael Cooney Lucia Kickham Ingrid Nachstern

Sound: Michael Gallen

Editing: Ingrid Nachstern and Luca Truffarelli

Filmed in Ireland


Screenings and Awards:

Light Moves International Screendance Festival,Limerick,Ireland -nominated for Best Irish Short Screendance Film -2014

Live Action Shorts,Montana,USA – 2015

Tocht Festival of Dance,Kerry,Ireland -2015

Accolade Global Film Competition,La Jolla,California -Recognition Award:Film Short-2015

American Dance Festival’s 2015 International Screendance Festival,Durham,North Carolina,USA-2015

Best Shorts,San Diego,California -Recognition Award:Film Short -2015

Revuelo’s Velada Cine y Danza,Concepcion,Chile – 2015

Best Editing Award,Modica Film Festival,Sicily – 2015

Silver Screen Award,Nevada International Film Festival,USA-2015



Director,Choreographer,Script,Performer: Ingrid Nachstern

Cinematographer: Luca Truffarelli

Assistant: Michele Ragni

Performers: Michael Cooney Lucia Kickham

Music: Luminitza -composed by Alexander Balanescu and performed by The Balanescu Quartet

Titleist: Stefano Baldinelli

Sound: Gabriele Paperini

Wardrobe: Emma Downey (Mermaid Costume) Alison Finn (Lucia Kickham’s blouse)

Location Manager: Miriam Duffy


Screenings and Awards:

IndieFEST Award,California,USA-Merit Award – 2016

IndieFEST Award,California,USA-Award of Recognition-2016

Athens International Film and Video Festival,Athens,Ohio,USA – 2016

Brooklyn Film Festival USA – Audience Award Winner -2016

Miami shorts Festival USA – Semi-Finalist – 2016

Light Moves Screendance Festival,Limerick,Ireland - 2016

Moving Body,Varna,Bulgaria - 1-2 September 2017

ventiquattro settembre- SET me Free (OFF Section) -V.e.N.e with future mellon,not yet art, in collaboration with Metricubi and Roehampton University,with special partners International Dance Festival of Burgundy,Lago Film Festival and Project Trans(m)it- Venice,Italy-September 2017

Twentyeighth September- SET me Free OFF/UK Focus-same partners as above-The Michaelis Theatre University of Roehampton London -Sept 2017

Moving Body (Performance Room) Veliko Tarnovo Bulgaria -April 2018

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Shoe Horn / office

Director,Choreographer,Script: Ingrid Nachstern

Cinematographer: Luca Truffarelli

Assistant: Jose Miguel Jimenez

Performers: Michael Cooney Millie Daniel-Dempsey Molly Keane Ingrid Nachstern Don Rongavilla 

Music: Ed Alleyne-Johnson's Inner City Music - Part 4 Track No 8

Costumes: The Abbey Theatre and The Costume Mill

Location Manager: Mags Mulvey


Screenings and Awards: 

The IndieFEST California,USA - Award of Merit (IMDb listed - Experimental) - Feb 2018

Best Shorts California USA - Award of Merit Special Mention:Experimental - March 2018

51st Annual Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival  USA - Remi Winner - March 2018

Brooklyn Film Festival - June 2018

ADF's (American Dance Festival) Movies by Movers - Nasher Museum of Art,Durham,North Carolina USA -July 2018

Experimental Forum 2018 Los Angeles USA - Honorable Mention - July 2018

Screen Dance International at Detroit Dance City Festival - Aug 10 2018

Movimiento en Movimiento Mexico City  Oct 11 - Nov 4 2018 

Light Moves Festival of Screendance Limerick Ireland - Nov 8-11 2018 

Movies by Movers with Cara Hagan Gelber, Roehampton University's Centre of Dance Research, London - Nov 20 2018

Los Angeles Movie Awards -Best Experimental Film -The Complex Hollywood - Jan 19 2019

Indie Short Fest(IMDb)-Los Angeles International Film Festival -Certificate of Achievement - Feb 2019

Independent Shorts Awards-Certificate of Achievement -Bronze Award for Best Experimental Short - Los Angeles - March 2019

Rehearsal Footage

Who Am I?

'Who Am I?' -Video:rehearsal footage -2011

Performed at: DTW New York -2011

Mamuska Night,Birr,Co.Offaly,Ireland -2011


Show Clips